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do.t.e. (down to earth) is an experimental entity that seeks alternative answers in the management of contemporary viticulture. It’s taking one step back in order to go two steps forward. A return to agricultural origins that clearly defines the present and realistically imagines the future. It’s the desire to stand out with wines that spontaneously expresses their reason for being —beyond statutes and production regulations— based on the foundational principles of the entire project: health, ethics, everyday life.

Going back to wine as something that is able to reflect places, arouse feelings, heat up relationships.


We have been farming small plots of vineyards since 2015, some we own and others we rent. Total, we have 4 hectares, all rigorously managed according to common sense through sustainable agricultural practices, respecting both people and nature.

In the cellar we continue to experiment in the total absence of additives. The grapes ferment spontaneously with their own yeasts; sometimes destemmed more often whole-cluster, according to their virtues and our aspirations. Aging time is either short (6–9 months) in inert containers for savory and dynamic wines, or longer (18–24 months) in wood, terracotta and porcelain in order to pursue more profound and meticulous results.

Today we produce small quantities of different wines, thanks to a better experience and evolving taste, all handmade and bottled with the same designation —Vino*— the least noble but the only one favorable to the creative process.

Filippo & Francesca

*for this reason, we are not allowed to mention the type of grapes and their origin.